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Team BEAR,

Please accept this formal Thank You for the service you provided Cintas last week. When we came across a fleet concern that required immediate attention, we not only needed the maintenance completed in a timely manner, but up to required safety specifications. Our decision to choose BEAR has paid off not only for compliance but employee appreciation and efficiency.

I commend your attention to exceeding our expectations and helping out in a pinch. Without your prompt service, we would have had a vehicle down and not been able to provide our customers with the service excellence we strive for as well. Because of the resources you have and continued dedication to meet our needs when called upon, we were able to get our vehicle back on the road servicing our customers.

Again, thanks for the service and installation of our equipment. The smile on our employee's facs says it all when he saw how his job was made that much easier. You have my full support and recommendation as the premier fleet "go to company." When any job, big or small is needed. We look forward to a continued partnership and work in the future.

Bryan Dippo
Service Manager
Cintas Corp.




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Cresco Equipment Rentals

B.E.A.R. (Bay Equipment and Repair),

I wanted to take a moment to let you know about one of our more valued vendors, B.E.A.R. We've been doing business with these guys for the last few years and I have nothing but good things to say about their work and their people. We are generally always in a rush and BEAR has always performed above and beyond our expectations. For this type of service one would expect to pay an ultra premium for services rendered. BEAR on the other hand, understands where the market is at and stays super competitive.

Cresco Equipment Rentals has all types of needs that BEAR is able to take care of, from all types of body work, metal and fiberglass, to drive train work, and even major fabrication. They are usually one of the first people we think of when we need to send something outside our shops. "Can BEAR do this for us?" - is usually muttered if I'm going to have to spend money with an outside vendor for this type of work.

I don't think they've ever let us down getting our equipment turned around and available for pickup in the time promised. If for any reason we feel something isn't right, or not up to BEAR's high standards, they are quick to resolve any and all concerns to make things right. They get it!

In times like we are currently experiencing, having a partner like BEAR is priceless. As all partners in business should help one another as I hope this letter helps BEAR build on the already great service they are already providing. Over here at Cresco Equipment Rentals we call it "Gold Standard Service" and BEAR truly understands what it takes to be a member of this club.

Alan Beales
Cresco Equipment Rentals


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El Dorado Bus Sales


I have been doing business with BEAR for many years. We are in the bus manufacturing business and supply buses to the handicapped community through out California and the US. BEAR has provided all facets of services to us from body work; painting; metal fabrication and mechanical. They have always been on time and gone over and above to service our customers. As with anyone you can have some issues from time to time, and any time there has been a problem, BEAR has been the first one there to take care of it. I would not hesitate to recommend BEAR to anyone that is in need of quality repairs performed at a very reasonable price.


Dan Williams
Transit Sales Manager
El Dorado Bus Sales



Leonard Stefanelli

Here I am again, to once more express my most profound gratitude for your extraordinary talents, generosity and professionalism in the way you produced an exceptional tribute for the men who served their country, by way of the "ultimate sacrifice" in the submarine service in World War II.

This unique monument, thanks to your contributions, will be located in a place of honor, at he Veterans Cemetery, Redding, California, in the newly established "Lost Boat Memorial" in honor of the 52 submarines and some 4756 sailors who went down with their "Boats" during World War II.

I would like to believe that I represented to the many people present at today's presentation, that the "Torpedo" was a "gift" from many people (the Team) and not just me and would have not have been possible, unless the "Team" worked in a magnificently coordinated manner to make it happen, of which BEAR was an essential part of the team.

I cannot tell you how much I personally appreciated your contributions, but the results of your efforts were clearly amplified upon and truly appreciated by the "old fart" Submariners who saw, appreciated and respected the tangible beauty of the 2000 lbs. of steel that you fabricated and made available to them.

There are many words in the dictionary to express gratitude and as I write this memo, none, even a combination of words, seem totally inadequate to express my thoughts, therefore, for the present, I will extend to you the traditional two,


and trust that your will know the depth and intent of their meaning. I look forward to a long term and enjoyable relationship in the years to come and to reciprocate for your kindness and generosity that made this possible,

Sincerely yours,

Leonard Stefanelli



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Scully Transportation


Bay Equipment and Repair (BEAR) has been our preferred vendor for body work for about 5 years. BEAR has performed quality repairs at a reasonable cost and their work is done in a timely matter. BEAR always does an outstanding job and stands behind their work. We have no qualms about recommending their services.



Patrick Phillips
Scully Transportation
Service Manager


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This letter of recommendation is for BEAR. I have been pleased to use them as my vendor for all of my vehicle repair needs, for the last two plus years. I have found their service to be top notch, and am most pleased with the attention paid to our unique needs, the quality of their work, in general, and the short turn around times, that I always enjoy with BEAR.

During this time, I have recommended several fellow businesses to BEAR for collision repair and service work. I have found BEAR to be the most reliable, having the highest quality, with the least amount of down time, the best guarantees, and has been most flexible with all of my special needs. The businesses I have recommended to them, have also enjoyed the same great experiences.

In closing, I'm confident to recommend BEAR to anyone looking for honest treatment, great service, and an overall excellent service or repair experience.

Best Regards,

Gregg Wolke
Plant Manager