RV Maintenance Service

Forgotten RV Maintenance items quickly become repair bills. Maintaining your vehicle ahead of time will keep things running smoothly on your trips and keep expenses to a minimum. BEAR can help you out, whether you just need a couple things fixed before a big trip, or need complete diagnostics and rehaul work.


With so many systems on an RV, it makes it difficult to keep track of every thing you need to check. We have put together a list to remind you of the items to check on a regular basis.

Engine check list

Oil level / oil change
Transmission level / change
Transfer case level / change
Fuel filter change
Power steering fluid
Windshield washer fluid
Radiator coolant level / change
Battery water / terminals / replacement
Air filter
Master hydraulic cylinder fluid level
Soft or cracked radiator hoses
Cracked or worn fan belts

Water System Check List

Check for leaks
Sanitize tank and fill hose
Back flush waste tanks
Inspect tanks
Check connection dump hose and fittings

Interior Body RV maintenance checklist

Paneling condition
Cabinet/knob condition
Light bulbs and/or loose fixtures or screws
Upholstery and curtain / mini-blind condition
Smoke/Propane/CO Detectors function test
Window Condition
Shower stall and sinks. Caulking and mold check.
Leaky faucet check




Exterior Body Rv maintenance checklist

Water sealed testing (Cracks,Seams or caulking that needs resealing)
Roof membrane condition
Windshield wipers
Door lock function

Appliance checklist

Water heater
Air conditioner filter

Wheel Checklist

Air pressure
Tread wear
Tire Rotation
Shock absorbers
Wheel bearings / bushings /tie rods / shackles
Brake fluid

Power System Check List

Clean batteries and terminals, cell level and voltage

Clean solar panels

Test wiring

Hitch System Check List

Replace cracked worn parts/ fix loose parts

Check wiring

Test break away switch

Propane Check List

Check for leaks

Test all detectors

Inspect propane bottles for corrosion or damage